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Are you interested in hiring trustworthy guards from a well-known security company?

Are you looking for a security contractor who can offer you reliable security services like security patrols and alarm responses?

Rivercity Security Pty Ltd offers a wide range of security services which include the following major ones:
• Security patrols
• Alarm responses
• Security guards

Rivercity Security are Specialists in Security Patrols and alarm Responses and cover a vast area including the Logan district and Brisbane Southside including the western corridor. call us today for a no obligation Free quote for Patrols for your business.

About Us

At Rivercity Security Pty. Ltd. we recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. They include customers, employees, regulators, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment. Additionally, we believe in open dialogue and honest communication.

We are also committed to improve our environmental performance through implementation of our Sustainable Development and Environmental policies as well as to operate an equal opportunities, fair and clear policy for all present and potential future employees.

Our Experience

Rivercity Security Pty. Ltd. has been operating as a Limited company (Ltd) since 2000 and it is conformed to the National security standards. Our board of directors has over 20 years of combined experience working in the security industry.

Our Mission

To exceed our clients expectations with our professionalism, to complement and enhance their performance whilst ensuring the highest quality of customer service through training.

Our Ethos

Efficient Communication
Excellent Customer Service
Continuously Screened, Vetted and Trained

Finally we uphold the values of honesty, partnership and fairness in our relationships with all stakeholders and encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit.