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Are you interested in hiring trustworthy guards from a well-known security company?

Are you looking for a security contractor who can offer you reliable security services like security patrols and alarm responses?

Rivercity Security Pty Ltd offers a wide range of security services which include the following major ones:
• Security patrols
• Alarm responses
• Security guards

Rivercity Security are Specialists in Security Patrols and alarm Responses and cover a vast area including the Logan district and Brisbane Southside including the western corridor. call us today for a no obligation Free quote for Patrols for your business.

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Rivercity Security Pty. Ltd.
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Rivercity Security Pty. Ltd. pride itself with their personal. We are always looking for quality and highly skilled staff to support our varied client's needs. Security is big industry and the security industry is getting a bad reputation with many companies supplying untrained and unsuitable people for this industry. Rivercity Security Pty. Ltd. ensure that the staff we recruit should be highly skilled and trained security guards. Security guards QLD, Security hire QLD, Security guard Services QLD, Party security QLD, Hire security for private parties, Event security QLD, security hire for events, mobile patrols QLD, security jobs, security officer jobs, employment for security guards, security gaurds for QLD $ suburbs.

All security jobs seekers should fill the online form underneath. Our security jobs we are not looking for bodies on the floor. We are looking for really committed, consistent and people with customer service skills If you think you have all these qualities please feel free to apply for the security job.

Security Talk with Rivercity Security

Hi All and welcome to the first edition of Security Talk,
Security is a concern for everyone whether you're in business, a home owner or renter. With the current crime trend of armed robberies, break & enters and unlawful entry many people get affected directly however we all get affected in the end.

How do we all get affected? Well firstly Insurance Premiums- currently the yearly cost to insure your contents is sky rocketing to the point that a average household is paying anywhere between $1500 to $3500 per annum to which many are taking the gamble of going without.

Business Insurance Premiums are far worse however any business that has mobile security patrols can in fact get a discount on their premiums, check with your insurer or find one that does, you can save big $$$ .

Other ways crime affects us all is the cost of living. Simply put the more crime the more we pay for everyday items – food, fuel entertainment just to name a few. However the worst after effect of crime in my opinion is FEAR. People become afraid to go out, socialise, shop for the fear that their property may be a target. This can be very unhealthy and can lead to severe depression amongst other things. To quote the Lion King "I laugh in the face of Fear"

Until next time
Stay Safe and be Happy
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